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One on One chat with ChannelingPete - Clairvoyance and Dream Interpretation in Sevran on-line. 5-10 years of successful practice in Dream Interpretation. "DO I LOVE THIS MAN OR WHAT?? HE IS A BLAST:" (sexybunny69) THE FASTEST THE SHARPEST THE TOOLLESS! :) Hello, I'm Pete and there are at least 4 reasons, why will You pick me: -being the reader of the subconscious. It means, that i can get into anyone's inmost motivations and tell you, what drives her/him. This waym You can understand his/her behaviour and with my knowledge in psychology, I can give you an extraordinary guidance about your issues! -doing channeling with no tools, what is rather rare. All I need is a short brief and if someone else is involved, a first name, nothing else. I will collect the informations for you and what you will receive is a seriously huge amount of valuabe info, so prepare with some notebooks! - I give you at least 3 way outs of every situation. This way, You can do a wise, and deliberateed decision about, how to continue. Everyone can tell you, what would be the best thing to do, but the best 3 THINGS?? Who else could do that?? :) - I am extra fast. The top I have ever earned was a 100 sec long reading(!) so if Youa re low on money, you can have me. I doN't love to waste the time for useless blabbers. I am here to help and I want you to be back, against doing some unneeded chitchats and causing disappointment. DO YOU STILL HESITATE?? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHO AM I? "He is beyond stellar...." (Questionlove2) - Being a clairvoyant/clairaudient/clairsentient channeler since 2005. - Healer and therapist/advisor. WHAT AM I DOING? A private with Pete is not a spending. it is an investment" Giving friendly advices about „how to get out of the hole you are actually in” ; Giving „tools to use at home” imagination technics for several purposes; Channeling angels (mostly Archangel Ariel) and the spirit of beloved entities, who passed away; - proud to be a rational psychic, so the myst and the big pink book of fairytales is on a ban list. :) I am a situation-orientated psychic. I don't like to do generalr eadings, because they are lesser interesting, needs lesser practical knowledge and the reliability of these are lower. I'm a sceptical psychic, so I rarely believe everything I get. That's why my infos are properly filtered and I forward them only if I have a clear and undeniable encouragement. THE WAY I AM WORKING "Moved to tears. You really helped and touched me, thank you. Worth it. " (sicerly7) I use no tools at all, so everything I do is appearing only with a strong concentration. -All I need is a first name only, nothing else, so the DOB is for valuing, the client is an adult. Every other details are only disturbing me. -I ask a short brief about what happens – like he's been rather rough with me for a while and I don't understand why?” -As I have all the infos, I get into the main emotional motivations of the person, who is directing the situation into this way. (Regardless of it's base nature. So if I face with a career situ, there are also human motivations on. ) -As I receive the why, I can start to interpret, why does it goes on, what is going and I can help to make it understad. My knowledge in psychology (transaction-analytic branch) helps me a lot. - If the situation is bad, or hard to turn it ona good one – like a lost boyfriend I will advice to give it up, or calculate, does it worth the energy. -I always give at least 3 possible options for the way out. Your life, Your will, Your choices, no determination. :) -The technical tools are only helpful hands, but powerful hands I give. -If the client has been attacked spiritually, I also use the help of my helpful elementals. SHORT HISTORY: :"Pete is simply amazing. So accurate and spot-on in his reading and with such a great, compassionate style." (Nicole S.) I started to se aeround the age of 18 with the help of a wicca-witch female relative of mine. Actually I was in her company, when she started to talk about elementals and switched me on. I started to se them without the ability to communicate them, only to se, what are they doing with a high effectivity. My abilities were quiet impressive and shocking in the same tim, so I made them passive for several years, when i stared to be in the ommunity of people, who were truly practicers and believers of the spiritual lores. I started to meditate and do lots of lightworkings with these people, when I started to realie, that my abilities are starting to be back and my hearing is sharpening. The infos appeared only as symoblical messages, but as i started to practice heavily, they turned to be even real and understandable. My clairsentience appeared the last, but that's what i use the most, involving the other two of course, so all the 3 channels are open, while I am reading. After a few years of practice only – and wonderful feedbacks about my abilities, plus additional kicks from above to start doing reading for people instead of doing something else I lesser like, I started to be a full time professsional psychic. I am always empathic, loving and non-judgemental with everyone. (How could I share the love, while I do outcasts? ) Generally I understand, if someone is in an emotionally overloaded state of mind, but I dislike the arrogancy and it is reducing the accuray rate of my readings. So if someone wants to use me only for being a punching bag, I will not tolerate it to much. According to my feedbacks and a previously settled measuring (has been done with pendulum and the help of the technic called Spiritual Response Therapy), my accuray rate is around 95%, so it is really rare, if I fail.

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