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Talk to IAmBrent - Crystal Reading and Dream Interpretation in Sevran now. 20-25 years of experience in Dream Interpretation. PROFILE HEADLINE: Brent IAm is blessed with gifts that will facilitate you to change your life. A gifted psychic and empath who feels others pain and suffering, Brent tunes into your past, your now, and what the future offers. BIO: Your life is very important to me. If I do a Reading and/or Healing session with you, it is important for you to know that I feel a great responsibility. Your life has many potential outcomes. It is important to me to focus on your positives. Disciplining myself to meditate for one to three hours per day over almost twenty years, that I have been blessed to access the subtle realm. My psychic gift started to appear at age 21. Initially I used Tarot Cards as a medium to encourage my gift; however, a stern piece of advice from an Aboriginal elder in the Tanami Desert region of Australia, quickly caused me to throw the cards in the bin and develop my gift without any medium whatsoever. We all struggle at some point. I understand this, as I too have struggled. In a bid to find inner-peace I went on a twenty-year journey, spending time with Indigenous Medicine Men and several teachers from ancient modalities. Nonetheless, I found that after going within, becoming calm, still and silent, that this then allowed me to access the divine within and as a consequence I now carry a great state of inner peace. It was also during this period when I realised my gift of hands-on-healing. Having trained for many years as a Reiki master I am blessed to have become a gifted distant-healer. I am here to assist you to move that negative energy in your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Today I am here to assist you to rid those habits that cause your life difficulty, and to embrace the gifts within you for a more peaceful, positive and joyous pathway. I am here to answer any question about the past, present and future. With love Brent IAm

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